No I don’t have triplets…

I am sat, looking in admiration at the girl in my mothers’ group with twins. Twins! Everyone gasps. How do you do it? One is hard enough isn’t it?

Yes, this is true – if you only have one baby. I have two babies, but they aren’t twins. Son number 2 was born when son number 1 was 14 months old. Technical term – ‘Oh shit!’.

Lots of people smirked and said ‘good luck’ when I told them of the age gap, and others smiled sympathetically and said ‘They’ll be really close friends!’. Well let’s hope so, because having a just toddling baby and a newborn ain’t no picnic.

Being pregnant while having a baby who can’t walk is a slight challenge. Especially as you get bigger and more ungainly. A friend of mine described any first pregnancy as you ‘princess pregnancy’. Oh how right she was. What a blissful cocoon that (didn’t feel at the time) was. I used to think – I’m tired, I think I’ll have a lie down, and what did I do, I lay down. Then pregnancy 2 rolled around frighteningly fast and there was no more lying down.

I tried to fathom out what the pitfalls may be before our second little bundle arrived. Of course I had no clue really. Practicality ruled. I must have a double pram, but not a side by side because I won’t be able to go in shops easily. Shops? Who goes to the shops with two children under 18 months?! Idiot.

Anyway I did buy a double pram – a tandem style one, and it’s promptly broken 6 months into it’s life. The brake locked on one wheel, so it’s only useful for going in very tight circles. Which I’m tempted to do some days as a dizzy 16 month old is very funny.

I wondered about jealousy – how will I handle that? An interesting issue, given the first child doesn’t have a clue what jealousy is, and just sees a foreign body arriving in the household he once owned. Unfortunately communication is not yet a strong point. Lots of noises come from child 1, however most of them are unintelligible. In terms of words, as long as it starts with the letter B, we’re good.

It’s easy to forget that child 1 is still to all intents and purposes, a baby. Just not a small one. When child 2 arrived, child 1 suddenly morphed into GIANT BABY. In a flash he was suddenly HUGE! But when I help him into and out of the bath, change his nappies, lift him into his cot etc, he is a baby again. Just a big one.

I’m currently lamenting the fact that doing ANYTHING is a mighty mission. Sometimes putting the rubbish out is just too much of a logistical nightmare. And the to-do list? It’s exploded into the stratosphere. I can’t see the end anymore.

In conclusion I’ve decided it’s al relative. I don’t know any different, like someone with twins doesn’t, and someone with one child. It’s all pretty tough, but we wade through it and are rewarded with the smiles and laughs and comedy we couldn’t make up.

Like a toddler’s poo in the bath, we float along and people avoid us because we look like shit.