I haven’t been able to say this as both my children are still frighteningly young. But I’d like to put a plea out to all mothers and fathers with older or grown up kids to think before you say ‘before you know it’. I’ve heard it so many times now, it almost evokes and anxiety attack. Have I taken enough photos of my children, will I remember how small their feet/hands/faces are/were? Have I cuddled enough because ‘before I know it’ they won’t want my cuddles anymore.

Before I know it, they’ll be at school
Before I know it, they’ll be moody teenagers
Before I know it, they’ll have left home
Before I know it, I’ll be dead.

It’s starting to quash my enjoyment of my kids right now. I want to mark their milestones and be able to look back at their little lives and how they’ve grown, but it doesn’t help me to be constantly told how short this time is.

I know.

I’m in it, and it’s going fast. These are the longest, shortest days and being reminded of that is bringing a premature sadness. I’m mourning their ageing before they’ve aged! We all love (or perhaps more accurately; hate) the benefit of hindsight; but preaching it to us newbies isn’t all that helpful. I know I have friends who are shocked that the first school day has come around so quickly – but I bet if we spent a bit more time reminiscing over that well earned bottle of wine, she’d remember the long, tiring, anxiety ridden nights all too well when they were just babies. We all look back through rose tinted glasses; and why not – I’m all for remembering the good stuff – that’s why we bother isn’t it? But lest we forget, there’s many a challenging day/night, days/nights when we think – WHY?? WHY DID I DO THIS?! It’s all relative to what we are experiencing at this moment in time.

I’m sure I’ll have all these same nostalgic feelings in a few years and I’ll want to bite my tongue when those four little words want to trickle out of my mouth -it’s inevitable and a trap I doubt I’ll be able to avoid but I hope I think twice before saying it if I do.