I have lots of hair. On my head I mean. Like tons-I reckon about 3 people’s worth. Plus I hate the hairdressers so I don’t go much. I hate those uncomfortable sinks they wash your hair in, and it feels horribly awkward as I watch them trying desperately to get a comb through my crazy wet hair-I never approach the beast with anything other than a brush. 

This means I have very long, very thick hair. I’ve always been known for it, and have felt it an integral part of my identity for a very long time. Recently however, I’ve been questioning quite a lot of my old ‘norms’ and discovering the art of liberating myself from them to step into pastures new. 

I started thinking about hair and the impact it has in our society – it’s a huge industry and allows for fantastic creativity and artistry. I love that. But equally it can be a source of misery if you lose it unexpectedly. This made me really think about my hair, how fortunate I am, and how it’s time I did something positive with it. 

So I’ve been looking into what good I can do with a bit of hair. It seems because I’ve been so lazy and not cut it (or coloured it) for about 100 years, it could be pretty useful for the amazing wig makers who make wigs for people suffering with cancer or other issues that cause hair loss. So I’m mustering up the courage to chop it and donate it. Part of me is terrified, the other part is excited. It’s only f**king hair! I tell myself. But that bizarrely doesn’t make the prospect any less scary. 

Isn’t it funny how such a trivial thing can have such an impact on you? I thought I had reasonable perspective in life, given a few shitty things that have happened, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. So here is another challenge, a very personal one, but a challenge no less. 

If you’ve got this far on this ridiculous post, I thank you. Here’s the before picture so you get an idea. 

I’ve also decided to try and raise a little bit of money to do a bit more good for a charity that’s newly close to my heart, so if you have a spare pound or dollar please give me that extra push to do it.


Standby for the after pic…