If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know I’m a ‘try new stuff’ kind of girl, as well as one who passionately believes in caring for yourself in order to be a great mumma, and doing stuff for you rates pretty highly on the life list. 

I mentioned previously that in the spirit of doing new stuff, I’m now training to be a yoga instructor – and believe it or not, I’m so very nearly there, just one more hurdle that’s fast approaching. Exciting stuff. 

Now I’m never going to be an instafamous yogi – much as they are very impressive and nice to look at, I’m more about the real stuff – eg imperfect bodies are perfect, who wants to all be the same? I’ve learned sooooo much on my yoga journey, but I’ll save that for another day. 

So then another new thing cropped up – Acroyoga. Sounds intriguing I thought – and needing to blow away my Crossfit failure cobwebs I signed myself up with the ‘Nourishing Nomads’ to learn some stuff. It sounded cool, and the first workshop I went to was lots of fun, but I confess I felt a little out of my depth. I think this was more to do with trusting total strangers than anything else (something to work on there…). I had that ever present enthusiastic smile, and gung ho attitude, that was actually a big fat mask for mild terror and a large cup of fear.

The next workshop was for handstands. I did handstands as a kid, and had another go one day in NZ many many years ago, but since then I’ve not indulged. And they are surprisingly hard when you’re not 10. I must have learned something though. 

I had no idea I crossed my feet like that. Anyway… then there was this ‘acro jam’ thing. And no it’s not a condiment. It’s something I’d seen before and not actually known what it was. It was the moment we were out walking and saw this bunch of nutters in the park doing crazy acrobatic stuff and thought gosh, that looks hard, let’s go for a beer. Anyway, turns out it’s not as hard as it first seems – well especially not if the person telling you what to do actually knows their shit. I busted some crazy shapes, watched by my kids who were a little bemused, but really were more interested in digging with sticks and collecting leaves. 

Then there was another unexpected opportunity to learn a bit more again. The Nourishing Nomads were staying a little longer. 

I was armed with a bit more courage (not Dutch, much as that was tempting) so I sashayed along to another workshop. My first desire when I began my Acroyoga journey, was simply not to die, or break, and I now found myself paying more attention to the intricacies of this fun art than the potential for death or serious injury. You see it seems it is possible to fall without dying. Add to that, the little gang of Acroyogis who I’d now spent quite a few sessions with and got quite close to – physically, that’s for sure. 

Anyway I still watched the experts with mild amusement as the Nomads re-enacted part of that incredible movie – Dirty Dancing – oh yes you know the move… And told us we’d be doing that by the end of the workshop. I quietly sniggered and allowed my inner weakling to stand proud and tell me there’s no fucking way. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? 

Well it just shows that no matter how shit you were at gymnastics (despite my enthusiasm, I was excluded from moving up a class because I wasn’t good enough aged 10 or so), what a terrible athlete you promised to be (having walked half of the 1500 metres at secondary school but went on to run a marathon in my 30s); never ever give up. If it’s your dream, you can do it. And even if it’s not a dream, it’s just something you stumble across, the universe just takes you there and it’s probably not a dream given you never thought in your wildest dreams you could; you CAN. Everyone is good enough to try anything. And it’s never as scary as it was the first time, so go back and do it again. Find your awesome. 

Thank you Ana and Raven (aka The Nourishing Nomads), and the gorgeous acro yoga gang I’ll be so sad to move away from, you taught this new mummy new tricks 😍. 

Yes, that’s me. 💜